A cookery book from the inventor of Banoffi Pie.

Ian Dowding has been cooking professionally for over fifty years; from restaurant cooking to teaching, demonstrating and creating food for historical TV programmes.

The collection of over 400 recipes spans this period and is an eclectic mix of gourmet dishes, peasant classics, home favourites, historic revivals and recipes from around the world.

It is a no-nonsense guide to cookery covering everything from fish cookery to cakes and desserts, bread and game recipes with lots of practical tips that will expand your repertoire and extend your culinary expertise.

I have a lot of cookery books of all types and styles but you can tell easily which are my favourites because they all sit on a shelf in my kitchen; they are dog-eared, falling apart and the pages are splashed with whatever I was cooking from them at the time. They are the books I have gone back to time and again, partly because they are good recipes and partly because I know they are going to work. I hope this book, in time will become like those books.”
Ian Dowding