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Ian Dowding,
Consultant Chef & Writer

Ian has worked in the restaurant trade for over forty years. He was the original head chef of The Hungry Monk when it opened in 1968 and went on to open his own restaurant – Quincys – in Seaford in 1988. He is the originator of the now famous Banoffi Pie which was developed at The Hungry Monk in 1971.

In 2000 Ian sold Quincys and set up as a freelance chef specialising in teaching and demonstrating. Since this time he has also worked as a consultant to the restaurant trade, written articles for magazines and taken part in several television programmes as chef and food adviser including Regency House Party (2003, Channel 4), The Diets that Time Forgot, and more recently Turn back Time for BBC1.

The new cookery book from the inventor of Banoffi Pie.

Ian Dowding has been cooking professionally for over fifty years; from restaurant cooking to teaching, demonstrating and creating food for historical TV programmes.

The collection of over 400 recipes spans this period and is an eclectic mix of gourmet dishes, peasant classics, home favourites, historic revivals and recipes from around the world. It is a no-nonsense guide to cookery covering everything from fish cookery to cakes and desserts, bread and game recipes with lots of practical tips that will expand your repertoire and extend your culinary expertise.

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A rumbustious
romp of a novel

Justin comes to Cocklebury-on-Sea to find his real father – his only lead – a photograph.
Councillor’s daughter, Jo, has lied about her age to take a part time modelling job.
Club owner, Ray wants to open an amusement arcade but the land he wants is not for sale and Ray doesn’t like things getting in his way.
After a misspent youth Ben just wants to settle down and paint but his past keeps catching up with him.

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The history of the world famous dessert.

The Completely True and Utter Story of Banoffi Pie…


Original Banoffi Pie

The Story of VEGAN Banoffi Pie…


May 7, 2018

The Secret Life of Recipes

It seems strange to me that if you plagiarise the written word, copy a work of art under a hundred years old or rip off a tune either consciously or unconsciously the law will seek you out but a recipe…
July 12, 2017

Zombie Haddock

I always learn things the hard way. When I started doing cooking classes at Sussex Down’s College I had never spoken to a group of people let alone cooked in front of them. Add to that it was in an…
July 11, 2017

An Occasional Blog…

From today I will be posting an occasional blog. Recently I gave up teaching evening classes at Sussex Down’s College which has freed up a little extra time as a result. I still cook and am involved in the food…


Ian writes regularly about food and cooking and is building a portfolio of photographs to compliment the recipes generated by his different activities.
He is therefore able to supply a complete package for any publishing project. Ian has written articles for ‘Caterer and Hotel Keeper’, ‘Eat Out’ and ‘The Restaurant Business’ magazines and for the Guardian. This is a small selection.

My Uncle was Ronnie Biggs

“I always had this sneaky feeling that my mother had a secret. Something not quite right like that annoying piece of the jigsaw you only find is missing when the puzzle is complete…

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Saint Valentines Day Rant

‘……. and definitely no heart shaped puddings, croutons, chocolates, starters, potatoes or garnishes’, I conclude when the staff ask if we are doing anything special for Valentine’s night?’

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The Rules of Catering

There are two dates in the caterer’s calendar when all involved feel like giving up, selling up or throwing their hands up in despair. These times are at the end of August and the Christmas and New Year holiday …

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Service Charge

My head hurts, my feet ache, and I’m only half way through the afternoon. I still have the rest of the prep to do and a busy service that probably won’t finish till around midnight. I am a bit concerned whether I can cope with it…

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The Pemmican Brief

Working as a freelance chef I came into contact with many aspects of the catering industry. Some jobs can be difficult and stressful, some easy and delightful. There is also the bog standard, the interesting, and what might be deemed the glamorous…

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Food and sex are inextricably linked. Smell is the lure, consummation the reward. In the middle ages everybody and everything stank. Sewers were open pits or gullies, nobody bathed and there was no refrigeration…

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Cutting the Mustard

Two things I wish I had known when I was seventeen; one was simple, if you chase girls they tend to run away but that’s another story. The other is a bit more mundane but makes a lot of difference if you are intent on …

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Peanuts Anonymous

I was asked to write an article about peanuts and I couldn’t resist writing this piece once the idea came to me. Of course it wasn’t suitable for the magazine so I wrote a ‘straight’ article as well for them. This one is more fun…

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The Pheasants are Revolting

Is it just me or do all chef’s hearts sink on August 31st and you realize it’s “Pheasant Season” again. Usually we are reminded by our friendly, helpful meat supplier (or ‘Purveyor of High Class Meat and Poultry, licensed to sell Game’) who on the first day of the season rings to offer you the first birds.

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