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An Occasional Blog…

From today I will be posting an occasional blog. Recently I gave up teaching evening classes at Sussex Down’s College which has freed up a little extra time as a result. I still cook and am involved in the food business. Like artists, writers and actors I don’t think I shall ever retire in the conventional sense – only when they prise the Sabatier out of my cold, dead hand, as the saying goes.

I’m not sure what I’m going to write about yet. It might not always be about food or cooking, though I suspect it will be. It might just be a recipe or a short piece or something a bit longer but I’ll try not to waffle* on for too long.

*You see I can’t help the food references slipping in there.

WAFFLE (noun) 1. Crisp golden pancake with deep indentations on both sides.

WAFFLE (verb) 2. To speak or write in a vague or wordy manner.